Our Team

RAFIQ KHAN, Founder & President

Rafiq Khan guides the vision and strategic direction of AVS Foundation. He shapes the foundation, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and sets the overall direction.​

MOLLY KHAN, Vice President

Molly Khan approves the foundation’s grants, reviews results, and drives the direction of the organization.

LAMISA KHAN, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lamisa Khan leads the foundation’s efforts to promote equity for all people around the world.  She is responsible for developing and retaining an engaged, diverse, and inclusive workforce.​

FAJR BAIG, Outreach Manager

Fajr Baig manages all of the public relations and outreach of AVS Foundation. She maintains connections through various social media platforms.


Arash Khan leads many of the foundation’s operational functions.

RONALD B. LISS, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ron Liss oversees finance and accounting, financial planning and analysis, risk, assurance, and investment.